Real Estate Investment Trusts

Texas Lawyers Assisting Victims of Securities Fraud

When it comes to finances, many of us are thankful that we can call upon an experienced adviser to help us navigate the securities world and to help us make the most of each investment. In many cases, hiring a stockbroker to help you handle your finances requires you to place a great deal of faith and trust in that individual, especially if you do not have any prior experience with financial investments. Although many brokers take their responsibilities to their investor clients seriously, some brokers see it as a chance to make an easy commission by misleading their clients. The experienced securities lawyers at Ajamie LLP have helped many people in Texas pursue the compensation that they are owed after they have been burned by their brokers.

Bringing Claims Based on Misconduct Involving REITs

In recent years, real estate investment trusts (“REIT”)  have received a large amount of investor attention. REITs are marketed as conservative investments -- havens of safety in volatile markets. Sales of REITS are at an all-time high, but they tend to raise more capital from retail investors than institutional investors, because institutional investors have a better understanding of the risks involved.  These can be complicated, carry high fees, and be difficult to get money out of. And this may not be the best time to be pushing them on unsophisticated investors. What is the future of traditional commercial office buildings? In these uncertain times, demand for office buildings, malls and hotels may not be what it once was. Investments in funds which specialize in these types of illiquid investments may not be suitable for all investors. 

According to the law, due to a broker’s position as a fiduciary to an investor, brokers owe their clients a heightened standard of care when it comes to providing investment advice. Brokers know this, and have actively campaigned to limit the scope of their fiduciary responsibilities. A broker who fails to warn his or her client about any risks or dangers associated with an investment, or who intentionally deceives his or her client about the nature of an investment for the purposes of generating additional fees, has breached this fiduciary duty. An investor who has suffered financial harm as a result of his or her broker’s breach generally will be entitled to the difference between the value of his or her account without the breach and the actual value of his or her account following the broker’s breach.

Dedicated Broker Fraud Lawyers Advising Residents of Texas

If you have been burned by your broker, you may be entitled to compensation. The knowledgeable lawyers at Ajamie LLP have brought fraud claims on behalf of individuals in Houston and the surrounding cities, such as The Woodlands, Sugar Land, and Galveston. We offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose. Call us now at 713-860-1600 or email to set up your appointment.