David S. Siegel

David Siegel has helped thousands of people obtain redress through our court system. He has over 30 years of experience advising businesses and individuals in commercial litigation, fiduciary duty and partnership litigation, liability suits, mass tort actions, consumer class actions, securities litigation, and bankruptcy litigation.

David’s cross-border work includes arguing on behalf of clients located in the Philippines and Latin America, among other regions. His successes include successfully representing thousands of agricultural workers in toxic pesticide litigation; successfully representing investors in arbitration claims against their investment advisers; successfully representing wrongful death claimants in a suit against a private prison company for failing to maintain adequate security and allowing the escape of violent inmates; litigating and settling for seven figures an unliquidated and unsecured general creditor litigation claim in the New York Lehman Brothers bankruptcy proceeding and serving as a member of the legal team that recovered a $70 million settlement from Securities America, Inc., the broker-dealer subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, Inc., for investors who lost money in the Medical Capital Ponzi scheme.


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